by Gross Ex Machina

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Lancaster Pennsylvanias GROSS EX MACHINA have meticulously crafted elements of grindcore, jazz, prog, post hardcore, and experimental electronic music to create a truly unique, avant-metal debut, RUINER.

This monster EP seamlessly transitions between a psychotic vortex of carnal aggression, beautifully layered guitar-scapes, sci-fi carnival music, and a deep lumbering wall of distortion. These elements alone have made way for G.E.M to blaze their own path through the mire of predictable metal and hardcore trends, while concurrently ruining preconcieved notions of what “heavy” music is all about.


released December 9, 2013



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Gross Ex Machina Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: confession - part one
ruiner / i will seek you out/ for you see, i was born the ninth son / and the devil has a claim on the ninth son / they say that the wolf is in head / that my mind is playing a trick on me / on that day i looked into the eyes of the devil / only to become his slave / condemned to this living hell / god has forsaken me for my sins / and then he killed her / i begged to be next / and he tore me limb from limb / to remake me in his image / on that day i looked into the eyes of the devil / only to become his slave / we as wolves whom hunt as men / to seduce and kill
Track Name: Two legs or Four (hunter or hunted)
it rains down and i am alone / my insides shift / my bones crack and realign / i am born once again / they are getting close it wont be long / they hunt me like the beast i have become / they will show no mercy / as i have shown no mercy / there will be no mercy / they think that i am alone / they fell for lies / they fell like rain
Track Name: The Ninth Son (and the Hunters Moon)
as the harvest moon will rise / the roots of the trees will reach
deep into the ground / ensnared / i could smell the blood running beneath her skin / hear her heart pump inside of my head / I am the ninth son / I am the ruiner / I am the ninth son / I will take them all and put them in the ground / return them to the earth / i despise them / i will take their women and children / none will be spared / and she was the most beautiful of all
Track Name: Epochalypse
i have seen her / dead princess / she came to me on her knees / dressed in contempt / and silver in her hair / she led and i followed / she has shown me the end / the apocalypse was in her stride / i held her here caressed her death mask / i reach out to touch you and i am frozen to the core / such pain and torment radiate from her eyes / what have they done to her eyes / and then she spoke